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Most people connect easily to music, as the blood flow in our brains changes when we listen to it. White Sun's music positively affects the glandular system as well, because it contains mantras, which influence the waves of the mind. Harijiwan's Gong playing has the same effect vibrationally, but the sound is more primal.

Psychiatric Times

Results suggest that yoga can be a cognitive enhancement or brain fitness exercise that can confer similar or even more extensive cognitive resilience than memory training—the gold standard—in older adults.

Meditation in this study was practiced with music recorded on the White Sun album, which received a Grammy award this year.

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Music so powerful that it wins a Grammy and the attention of UCLA researchers doesn’t just happen by chance. This is music created with intention and purpose. Yoga supergroup White Sun’s second album broke through the Grammy mantra barrier. After hitting #1 on Billboard’s New Age Chart and#2 on Billboard’s World Chart, White Sun II won the 2017 Grammy for Best New Age Album. Dynamic and timeless, White Sun II is the first mantra/chant album to win a Grammy. LA YOGA magazine sat down with lead vocalist and harmonium player Gurujas at Plant Food and Wine in Venice to learn more about White Sun II and its mantras, which are believed to nourish the spirit with love.

Los Angeles Times

The Santa Monica-based trio White Sun has a curious, only-in-L.A. backstory, having been co-founded by Adam Berry, best known in the biz for his four seasons as the music director for the animated show “South Park.”

They can add "Grammy-award winning" to that biography. The group bested a competitive field including Enya and Vangelis to earn the New Age album Grammy…

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These melodies come from the deepest parts of me. And when I’m aligned with that inner source, I believe I’m connecting to something not from this planet. I hear wide, universal sounds, and out of the sounds comes the melody, and out of the melody comes the rhythm, and out of the rhythm comes the lyrics, that is when we create the harmonies. In the band, we are all very attentive to the flow of sound. It is like a magical wind that enters the studio—we all feel it. 

Review of White Sun II by Kathy Parsons

White Sun II is the second release from the Los Angeles-based group White Sun. The core group consists of vocalist and composer Gurujas (pronounced goo-roo-jass); composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Adam Berry, a two-time Emmy winner; and Harijiwan (hudd-ee-jee-vin) who plays gong and serves as spiritual leader. Guest artists include Mamadou Dibate on kora (a 21-string harp made from a calabash gourd), Abhiman Kaushal on tabla and Gabe Witcher on fiddle, plus additional singers. Most of the songs on the album are based on 5000-year-old yogic mantras, but what makes this music really different is that the songs are set in a more modern song style that will appeal to a much broader world-wide audience. This is obviously working remarkably well since the album made its debut at #2 on the Billboard New Age chart and is currently #1. Even more remarkable is that White Sun II is now part of the required curriculum for two courses at the University of Southern California as part of their health and wellness campaign to find new ways to deal with the stress level of students.

BMI Article: It's a Great Day for White Sun

Why mantra? Is it religion? It is yoga?

Gurujas: Mantras have a vibratory frequency that doesn’t exist in other kinds of music, so there are all kinds of magical, mystical things that start to happen to people when they listen. Some of these mantras have been in existence for thousands of years, and they were designed to create a better feeling in the human being, to bring a more positive frequency to the planet. It’s not about tradition or religion, it’s about energy. It’s about giving someone a way to feel better, right now, just by listening. And everything we do with the music of White Sun is to further project and expand that positive force of the mantra. Music is a very powerful force. One of the most effective ways to shift someone’s energy is through music.

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White Sun’s music is bliss. The gentle celestial symphonies swirl about with a serene grandeur. Cascades of elegant guitars cradled by tender keyboard pads are infused with the distinctive tonal colors of tabla, kora, gong, and fiddle. The balanced blend creates a sparkling, magical expanse that serves as the perfect environment to showcase the transcendent beauty of Gurujas’ immaculate vocals.