Interview White Sun Gong


‘White Sun Gong’ – A Extraordinary Listening Experience into a Unique Meditation & Highly Personal Musical Journey!

New Release from White Sun!

After an astonishing successful 2017, White Sun is back with the first of 2 New Releases for 2018! Winning a GRAMMY Award last year for Best New Age Album with White Sun II – These extraordinary artists  have re-grouped for another very busy year.


It seems White Sun is riding a wonderful wave of popularity and their music and passionate messages of love, meditation and well-being are felt across all 4 corners of the world. They have just released their first of 2 new releases planned for this year, White Sun Gong. Their all New White Sun III will be released later this year.

White Sun Gong, is a personal musical journey that will take you on a unique spiritual crossing. interviewed White Sun to share with us how this All-New Project got started.


We asked Gurujas from White Sun

• What was the inspiration for this latest album Gong?

Most people connect easily to music, as the blood flow in our brains changes when we listen to it. White Sun's music positively affects the glandular system as well, because it contains mantras, which influence the waves of the mind. Harijiwan's Gong playing has the same effect vibrationally, but the sound is more primal.

We think of the Gong not as a musical instrument, but as a tool to create a vibratory field, one that affects the nervous system and the electromagnetic charge of the human body. When it is properly played, the subconscious has between three seconds and ninety seconds to withstand the sound. After that, the brain must grow and strengthen, because the tissues and neurons are physically affected by the change in glandular secretions caused by the new vibratory field.

We created ‘White Sun Gong’ because there is a growing audience that has been asking for these sounds. People tell us that they need this music as much as they need food. We suggest playing it during the night while sleeping. It is powerful for everyone, all ages, all backgrounds, and even pets.

We especially recommend it for babies and pregnant women. Because it is the sound of creation, it is particularly comforting to infants who have only recently separated from the higher realms, and are used to listening to the white noise of the womb. 

• This New Album is very different from the last album, it’s more self development than White Sun II – how would you describe it?

As Harijiwan is famous for saying, "the Gong allows us to move beyond the boundaries of the mind." When we are born, we have more neurons firing than we do at any other time in our lives. Then as we grow, this neural activity decreases rapidly. That is because our mind begins to make decisions about our surroundings, hundreds of thousands of decisions everyday that shape our perceptual responses.

The mind becomes habituated to these responses, and so certain neuron pathways become ingrained, and others fade away. Have you ever noticed how people react differently to the same event? If a tragedy occurs, some people will respond with anger, others with sadness, others with guilt. That is because the neurons are habituated to firing in specific pathways, created by years and years and layers and layers of the same perceptual responses. These responses exist. They have a vibration. They have a cause and an effect. And they create our reality, which is held energetically by patterns in our magnetic frequency.

This magnetic frequency becomes our energetic body, a vibratory existence that shapes every aspect of our lives, and it is very difficult to change. The reason we wanted to create this album is because the sound of the Gong, when properly played by Harijiwan, changes the magnetic frequency.

It can disrupt weak or negative neural networks, and replace them with stronger, more positive vibratory fields. This dissolution of old thought forms absolutely affects positive change in the listener, and opens the door to a healthier, happier existence. We have received copious feedback from those who attend our live events, telling us that the Gong has transformed their lives. In making White Sun Gong, our intention is to share that experience with a wider audience.

• After such a world-wind experience with the last White Sun II Album and winning a GRAMMY Award, did this new found success put more Pressure on White Sun to produce even more success from future recordings?

I am not sure the GRAMMY win put any more pressure on us than we already put on ourselves. Every time we create an album, it has to be better than the last. That is our firm rule, otherwise we won't release it. We are currently working on White Sun III, and in my opinion it already surpasses the music of the first two albums. 

• If there’s one message that White Sun would like convey to the world with this recording – what would this message be?

The one message is, listen at night to ‘White Sun Gong’. The positive change in you will be immediate and noticeable. We can't repeat that enough. Listen at night, listen at night, listen at night. You have nothing to lose, and potentially a great deal to gain.

• We understand there’s yet another New Album coming very soon from White Sun?

Yes thank you! White Sun III will be released late summer or early fall. We are so eager to share it with the world.

• Is this new album more in line with the White Sun II Album?

Yes, it is a musical album like our first two. There will be many familiar elements on the album, but it is also a departure from our earlier work, as we have all grown and changed artistically since the first two albums were released. It will be our biggest contribution to date, that is certain.


As always, it’s been wonderful to share the very special messages of love, music and insights from White Sun. Their unique blend of music, peace, love and inner spirituality have touched so many people, their success on a global scale is no accident, in today’s world people need guidance to regain control of their well being.

The world needs White Sun more than ever, this New Release ‘White Sun Gong’ is a fresh approach to stimulate mind, body and spirit… Touching the Emotional and Physiological Aspects of Life…A Very Spiritual & Excellent Deep Therapeutic Relaxing release to Enjoy…At Night.

White Sun Gong’, The New Release By White Sun Out Now!